18-11-2021: - Site updated to the latest (1.1) version of the game.
- Added the Void Gauntlet to the Skill Builder.

28-09-2021: - Site updated to the live version of the game.
- Added the World Map with with quick filters for the gatherable resources and Points of Interest (POIs).

22-09-2021: - Added the "Faction quests" section.
- Fixed several bugs in the Skill Builder. Big thanks to eveyone, who reported the bugs via the Discord!

18-09-2021: - The Skill Builder was updated today. Now it has an Attributes tab, which allows you to allocate the attribute points and see applied effects. In addition to that, more build types were added to the builder and it's possible to select several build types per build.
- The Skill Builds list now shows the number of used attribute points.

12-09-2021: - Added more information to the quest pages, including detailed descriptions of the quest's tasks with links to related items and NPCs, and full dialogs for those of you, who enjoy the lore of the game.
- Added the "NPCs" section.

10-09-2021: - Site updated to the OBT version of the game.
- Added support for French, German, Italian, Spanish (Spain & LATAM), Polish, and Brazilian Portuguese languages.

16-08-2021: - Added the "Faction Shops" and "Player XP Table" sections.
- Added the Rarity/Tier filters to the item lists.
- Fixed missing titles/descriptions for some equipment perks.
- Reworked the look of the item tooltips to bring it closer to the game.

03-08-2021: - The CBT is over, and it was fun while it lasted! One month until the release and I'm waiting for it already! Meanwhile here is the site's update list for today:
- "Quests" section is back online.
- Added the "Achievements" and "Titles" sections.
- Added the "Craft calculator" to each recipe page. The calculator allows you to calculate estimated profit for crafting certain amount of items, based on the entered quantity of the product, price for each material and market price of the product. Also, it allows you to see underlying recipes used to craft materials in your recipe. For registered users material's prices are saved automatically on the server.
- Layout of the site pages was updated to the centered one. Made some adjustments to improve it's look on mobiles. If the page doesn't look centered to you now, please reload it a couple of times to update the browser's cache.

31-07-2021: - Hey guys! It's me, Kiriak. Today I've finally updated the site to the current CBT version of the game. Quite a lot was changed in the game here and there and it took me more time fix the things, which got broken after the update.
- Skill Builder got new skill trees for all recently added weapon types.
- "Items" section got a detailed menu for all kinds of item types, similar to the Trading House in game
- "Quests" section was taken offline for now, until I rework it.

20-10-2020: - Official site of the game was updated today with patch notes of the upcoming Alpha Test.
Most notable changes are:
  • New weapon - Spear.
  • Nerfed Life Staff and Hatchet skills.
  • Per weapon cooldowns - you can now quickly switch to another weapon and use it's skills instantly.
  • New Threat System.
  • Progressions and Attributes changes.
It's great to see, that the team listened closely to the feedback and implemented a lot of changes we players were asking for! For the full list of changes, visit the patch notes page.
Please note that previous participation in Alpha Tests, Density Tests, and the Preview Event or your Pre-order status does not guarantee participation in the Alpha Test.
If you're looking to participate in the upcoming Alpha Test be sure to sign up at Tester Signup page.
On my side, I'll add more sections to the site and update it to the latest version of the game as soon as the Alpha starts.

16-10-2020: - Added the "Skill Builder" section.

28-08-2020: - Added the "Lore" section. Each lore entry page has a map with a marker of it's location.
- Added more locations of the gatherable resources.

27-08-2020: - Added the "Crafting recipes" section.
- To the pages of items used as the recipe materials or produced by crafting added the lists of related recipes.

26-08-2020: - Added the lists of possible perks for the equipment type items.

24-08-2020: - Site launch.
Hello guys and welcome to the New World Codex - a database/community site for the upcoming MMO by Amazon!.
The site is in the very beginning of the development. Currently you can find here "Items" and "Gathering" sections, and a Guide Builder (Tools->Create a Guide), which all registered users can use to post their own game guides.
Most of the gatherable resource pages have a world map with their locations marked on it. For example Seeping Stone, which is the source of Oil resource in the game.
Expect more content added to the site during the Preview week and after.

If you have any suggestions or bug reports, feel free to post them at the site's forum or write me a message in the discord (Kiriak#5590).